Biden to add South Africa in the travel ban list

President of the United States Joe Biden (76) is expected to add South Africa in the list of US travel restricted countries. The 26 European countries and Brazil that were banned under President Trump’s administration will continue to be restricted as Biden is expected to renew those travel restrictions in an effort to contain the coronavirus.

The new emerging variants of coronavirus that are said to be more dangerous that the virus have been found in the UK (B. 1 .1 .7) and South Africa (B. 1 .351). The new variant has made South Africa popular amongst travel ban lists including bans from Turkey, China and other countries. The South African restrictions are set to take effect on Saturday.

Under the ban, non-US citizens who have been in any of the 26 European countries, Brazil or South Africa for the last 14 days will be barred from entering the United States, with some exceptions in place.

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