Genomic testing benefits for cancer patients

Genomic testing is used to find an individual’s risk of developing cancer based on their inherited gene mutations. For those already diagnosed with cancer, Genomic testing predicts response to treatments, overall prognosis, and behavior of the tumor. Genetic testing looks at a specific set of genes, and Genomic testing looks at the entire genetic makeup of the individual. This testing breaks down the abnormal cells within the tumor that are driving its growth. Because all individuals are different, speak with your doctor to see if genomic testing is right for you.

Genomic testing is believed by many to become prominent in the future of cancer care. Currently, in clinical trials, genomic testing is used to learn more about genetic mutations, their relationship with the cancer’s overall prognosis, and how they affect the tumor’s behavior. Massive Bio’s Clinical Trial matching tool finds clinical trials utilizing genomic testing for alternative cancer treatments. The more participants in these trials, increase the understanding researchers have for cancer’s relationship to gene mutations.

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